Your Immediate Help Needed!

I can’t believe what I saw last night.

A pro-2nd Amendment City Councilman was ambushed at the City Council meeting by his own Mayor and another City Council member.

You see, Councilman Ryan Johnson took a stand a few weeks ago.

He wanted to overturn the city bus system’s ban on firearms which was in violation of state law.

He attempted to get a meeting setup to discuss the issue and was shut down.

The City Attorney then tried to tell Councilman Johnson how to skirt Idaho law and essentially trick gun owners into not believing they can defend their lives on city buses.

But, Councilman Johnson stood tall for gun owners.

He fought back and demanded that Idaho law be followed.

The City even tried to sneak the new policy onto the website without anyone knowing about it.

Councilman Johnson found the new policy and when we inquired about an update on the situation, he informed us about their deception.

You see, this is the natural reaction of government.

They want control over your rights and in this case they don’t want you to know about your right to self-defense.

Once gun owners put the pressure on the Mayor and City Council, the policy disappeared from the website.

We thought it was all over.

Then, last night the Mayor and another City Council member ambushed Councilman Johnson and tried to humiliate him publicly at their City Council meeting.

You can see video of the incident here.

As you can see, Councilman Johnson stood his ground!

Despite their best efforts to trip him up and force him to apologize, he withstood their attacks.

It isn’t Councilman Johnson that should be apologizing.

The Mayor and City Council member should be ashamed of their actions and the actions of their City Attorney.

It is they who should apologize to the gun owners and to Councilman Johnson for their deceitful actions!

That’s why we need your immediate help!

Please contact the Mayor and Councilman Blakey and demand they apologize to Councilman Johnson immediately!

Mayor Jim Kleeburg, 208-791-3180
[email protected]

Bob Blakey, 208-816-8764
[email protected]

We also want to let the voters in Lewiston know that Councilman Johnson stood tall for their gun rights.

Please consider chipping in $10 or even $5 today to help us thank Councilman Johnson for all his efforts.

Great work on getting the ban overturned and thank you all in advance for your efforts in becoming an active participant in this fight!

For Freedom,


Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

P.S. Councilman Ryan Johnson of Lewiston stood tall for gun owners and demanded that their illegal ban of firearms on city buses be removed.

After doing everything he could, gun owners got involved and helped him end the ban once and for all.

Then, last night, the Mayor and another City Council member went after him for his efforts.

Councilman Johnson did what was right.

Call the Mayor and Councilman Blakey today and demand that they apologize to Councilman Johnson!

Their contact info is in the main body of the email above.

Then, in order to help us inform voters in Lewiston that Councilman Johnson stood for their gun rights, please consider donating $10 or $5 today.

Thank you!